Beirão Olive Oil 1 L

Beirão Olive Oil 1 L



This olive oil maintains the nutritional value of Virgin Olive Oil, but being mixed with refined olive oil forms the ideal conditions for frying.

Directions for Use: Due to its characteristics should be used for cooking or frying.

Olive oil consisting of the mixture of Refined Olive Oil with Virgin Olive Oil, maintaining the nutritional value but more economical.

Perfect for frying due to the ability to resist high temperatures and can be reused several times in frying.

Beirão is the name given to those born in the central region of Portugal.

With exceptional conditions for olive cultivation, the “Beiras” region adds to the olive oil’s lineage, a rustic and more authentic character, which translates into sophistication and a unique set of irreplaceable flavors and textures.

Preserving these unique features for more than 55 years, Beirão olive oil keeps bringing to all generations a genuine taste experience.

Beirão’s secret is to be faithful to the Beira tradition in olive oil production.

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